The Public-The Media &The Duty of Care

The Public – The Media & The Duty of Care

Hello everyone,

 I have chosen to discuss on this module’s topic The Media and Society, which is  taken from our course of additional reading resources. This is a TED Talks video entitled, Does the media have a duty to care? The source TED Talks is a collection of video’s with discussions on an array of topics,  with the focus on learning and the sharing of ideas.

One facet of the TED talks mission is to spread ideas. The organization encourage’s people to think about the world in which they live. They engage the public through an alternative media format of video conference, with an array of major issues from technology, entertainment, science, business issues and a plethora of other topics. Their live audience is taped, and the public can view the video conference with interactive online reading of the text.

The public has no real voice within this fragment of an informed global community. Normally during the conference there’s  no dialog between audience and the speaker, someone speaks and the audience listens. Within this Public Sphere, the publics options  are to ponder or react to the information from the discussion. However, one can absorb the information and use it for action or further discourse.

This segment speaks to Journalist, media specialist, bloggers and all who disseminate information. The speaker David Puttnam touches on a major concern about journalism. Within society, the public who digest information from various media mediums are a captive audience, who rely on the information as trusted sources. Dr Puttnam highlights, maybe because of the growing number of alternative media source’s, some of the media has become untrusted, and deemed unfiltered journalism. He mentions there are some true journalist, who write responsibly and are in search of the truth and report facts. However, when pen is in hand, there is a potential of harm, whether intentional or not. Thus rising the question of, does the media have a duty of care?

My summation of his conference is yes, all who use the media as a medium to disclose anything, have the duty to care about any potential harm to the public. Direct from his message David Puttnam nicely sums it up,”if it’s not true don’t say it, if it’s not right don’t do it.”


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